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Maintenance Services / Remodeling and Construction

BNC has full time staff members dedicated to maintaining and preserving your asset. We provide a full-range of rent-ready building maintenance services for property owners. Our staff and vendors have the experience, skill, and professionalism to tackle a wide variety of maintenance tasks. Our staff is prepared to handle all your property’s needs. Whether it is large condominium renovations or smaller single unit repairs, we can help.

Our talented staff is eager to conquer any tasks needed to make your property rent-ready. From plumbing to roofing, from painting to masonry, from kitchens to driveways, our maintenance crews guarantee quality craftsmanship. We have a 24 hour service hot line and can provide a dedicated email address at [email protected].

We can help in the restoration of rental units to rent-ready status. Our interior maintenance services include flooring, painting, and restoration of bathrooms and kitchens. Electrical work, appliance repair, carpentry and plumbing problems can all be handled professionally for you.

If you’re getting ready to start a larger project or a remodel choosing the right contractor is the big decision that can feel intimidating. We can assist with choosing contractors and overseeing your project.

For tenants needing immediate service or an unforeseen emergency, our staff can help. Our maintenance emergency hotline is 24 hours a day for us to help with any risk of significant damage to the building or tenant habitability.

Our friendly staff is committed to solving your building problems. For standard requests, after hour requests, and non-emergency items we monitor a dedicated email address at [email protected].

Contact Us for all your maintenance and service needs.