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Mortgage/Closing Forms

Thank you for trusting Blackwell Nelson Companies to manage your Association. We are happy to process the HOA paperwork required in your transaction. In order to expedite the process, we are pleased provide you with two comprehensive bundles of documents that can be used by all parties in the transaction- lender, attorneys, buyer, and seller.

Please note that community fact sheets and appraiser information are sometimes available, but are not available on all properties. IF AVAILABLE, these fact sheets may provide an overview of amenities, structures, parking and community details. A pdf copy of these can possibly be obtained by emailing an inquiry to [email protected].

Option 1

  • Condo Questionnaire Bundle for Conventional Loans $250.00
  • Condo Questionnaire Bundle for FHA Loans $375.00

The Questionnaire Bundle will include:

Completed Condo Questionnaire.

  • Typically, every time a buyer applies for a mortgage, the lender has the Condo association fill out something called the “condo questionnaire”. This is provided from the Lender and varies in form. The lender will need to send this to our attention at [email protected] .

Association Documents.

  • This will include the Condominium documents, pending litigation letter (if applicable) and a copy of the Association balance sheet and approved budget (upon request).

Association Insurance Carrier Name and Contact.

  • If you are a condominium unit owner or purchasing a condominium, you may be asked to provide a condominium certificate of insurance or proof of master insurance. This certificate is a document that shows a summary of coverage limits, insurance carriers that insures the condominium association, and policy effective & expiration dates. Because the Master Policy will not cover your personal liability or your contents, we recommend that you purchase a Condominium owners policy.

Termite Company Provider.

  • This varies by property. In instances where an Association has a contract or a bond with a single company, BNC will provide the name of the company and contact information. NOTE: Each homeowner or their respective attorney or agent is responsible for arranging the Termite Bond Transfer and Wood Infestation Report directly with the provider. BNC cannot facilitate this aspect and can only provide contact information.


Option 2 – HOA Status Letter:         $200.00        

HOA Status Letter.

  • A Status Letter is a written status of how much the dues are for the property, when they are charged, how current have they been paid, and the balance of any outstanding amounts that should be collected at closing.

Option 3 – Transfer Fee:         $300.00 

  • The HOA transfer covers the cost of the required accounting actions related to the HOA payments, documentation preparation, welcome letter, and the distribution of the community’s rules and regulations that are given to the new owner as well as the necessary transitioning activities and paperwork from the seller to the buyer. The HOA transfer fee will generally cover the new documentation and paperwork involved in setting up the new homeowner account for the Association.

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