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Qualified Vendors

BNC Values Qualified Vendors

Vendors-1BNC strongly focuses on building long-lasting relationships with our Vendors. Boards of community associations expect BNC to identify and engage quality vendors and to obtain the best pricing to perform quality work in a reasonable timeframe.  Qualified contractors are engaged on behalf of the Board of Directors, and follow guidelines established to ensure that the contractor fulfills the expectations of both BNC and the client in the delivery of a quality work product.

One of the greatest values BNC can deliver to its association clients is the effective delivery of our vendor management system.  Qualification and selection of contractors, oversight of the various projects, along with evaluation of the services provided are all essential elements in the BNC Vendor Management System.

Understanding your Relationship with the Board and the Management Company

The vendor contract is an arms-length transaction facilitated by BNC.  A vendor contracts with an Association and is accountable to the Board to satisfy the fiduciary responsibility of the Board.  The Association Manager’s role is to gather information and assess proposals, evaluate vendors, administer contracts, and delegate the decision- making process.

Do you Qualify to become a BNC Vendor?

Please contact Katrina Blackwell at [email protected] or 205.637.0281 to discuss your skills, references, and insurance requirements that are required to work with BNC.

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